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Join us every Sunday at 11 am on zoom
or in person at the Lochiel Kiwanis Centre.


March   Theme: Love 

 Nobody has ever measured, not even poets,
how much the human heart can hold.
- Zelda Fitzgerald


Upcoming Services
Videos of Recent Presentations

Videos of Recent Presentations

White Sand and Stone

Religious Exploration

The role of Religious Exploration (RE) in Unitarian congregations

is to help individuals of all ages

to experience connections, compassion, and creativity. 


We accomplish this by: 

  • Creating a safe and supportive learning environment for our children, youth and adults that will encourage personal growth, self-esteem and an appreciation of diversity

  • Developing friendships and a sense of belonging to the Fellowship and the greater community

  • Reinforcing spiritual, ethical, and moral strengths that will help in responding to life's challenges

  • Exploring the history, heritage, traditions, and principles of Unitarian Universalism as well as other spiritual and religious belief systems

Religious Exploration

Adult & Children's Programs

The 8 Principles for Children

8   Working together
Adult & Childrn's Programs
The 8 Principles for Children